What is love – part 2

Is it love when your beloved one is not close to you and feel empty without ? Is it love when he / she is not disappearing out of your dreams and your mind? When you wake up in the morning and he / she is still there in your mind …or is it just stupid? In a world full of temptation can love survive ? Yes it can , as it did till now …but …it changed from the platonic love to the christian love to the modern love, it’s called evolution. Is it good is it bad? It’s up to you to decide for yourself. LOVE became a very common word, it can do much good in our world but it’s like a weapon you can use is to bring freedom, prosperity or you can use is to hurt peaple and sometimes it can be leathal . Some are very good in shooting with this weapon so watch out for the snipers..Can you ever love again after you’ve been shoot by a sniper ? Depends on the deepness of the wound (or by making a heart implant or bypass). Does Casual Love exist like casual sex? I think it’s a form of depression compensation it’s like giving a poor child a chocolate, it doesn’t solve his problems it just makes you feel good for the moment.

to be continued

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