Run away

How cool is that I can write a book on my TV and everybody is happy. We are living the “dream” of technology integration around the world. Or not yet? We are missing some piece actually we are missing a big big piece of the population more than a billion people don’t have water and we are spoiled to have so much technology and we are not even trying to use the technology to help others.

Are we even trying or hoping that someone else will do the job for us? Are we lazy ? or just spoiled?

Share they say…Share a picture share a dream share what you eat for breakfast and collect as much likes as you can. is it good is it bad? Don’t know it just feels wrong that we don’t use our potential. Your potential our passion they say. But in the end its just flash and we return to earth.

Earth, the place we all are living at the moment. Dreaming of space and other planets. We hope maybe that aliens will save us? From what? We are all aware that the direction isn’t good that we are heading towards a cliff. if we would think like parents taking care of our children we would instruct them to watch out and go to another direction. Maybe this is what we should do. But where are the children? They run away from home…Children and parents of earth this is what we are.

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