Nicola TESLA

Nicola Tesla a very impressive scientist and visioner, just have a look it’s captivating

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Children teaching themselves. Project “hole in the wall”

A very interesting research about Education. A computer with internet access was placed in some remote places in India and the curiosity of the people made them discover the new “object” in the hole. The people learned some basic english and where able in 2 months to demand a more performant computer. (without having any computer skills at all). Really amazing thinking of other ways of education nowadays.

Give people a free way of information and they will use it.

Education and Information Technology in the 21th Century

“Introduction to Cultural Anthropology”

Is our world prepared for the new reEVOLUTION ? We are living in a New Era of communication where children are socializing via messenger laughing via emoticons, changing information with the whole world. Boundaries between worlds, cultures, religion are not available anymore. We are interacting nowadays with a whole category of information, to be ready with the whole bombarding of information we have to be multitasking and be able to learn fast and teach other much faster to keep up. I will comment in a future blog about a fascinating experiment called “hole in the wall”, and how teachers should transform children into self thinkers without any prejudice.

A teacher is one who makes himself progressively unnecessary. ~Thomas Carruthers

The mediocre teacher tells.  The good teacher explains.  The superior teacher demonstrates.  The great teacher inspires.  ~William Arthur Ward

The best teacher is the one who suggests rather than dogmatizes, and inspires his listener with the wish to teach himself.  ~Edward Bulwer-Lytton

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