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Tic Tac life is Short


Beautiful watch made in Romania for just 50 euro. I’ve first seen it in Mica Elvetie, a swiss cuisine Restaurant.

CONSTANTIN Dardi Watch – available on facebook.

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Long time no Post

Thanks to Facebook the blog was pretty left in the dark. After reading Atb’s entry on facebook I was pretty amazed that now it’s charging for the people that should see your wallpost, below is atb’s post:

Can you imagine that I have to pay 7.500 $ that all of my Facebook Followers can see this post!! For everybody who don´t know what I´m talking about.. from now on facebook limited the range of receivers of postings! It means if you want that

 all your followers gets your posts you have to pay! Now that I have over 1.000.000 Followers it´s the fair price of 750 – 8.000 Dollars for me!!! It´s really bad to know, that if I´m not pay just 5 – 15 percent of my followers get this post! I think thats the beginning of the end of Facebook! And I call it censorship! What is a social network, when not everybody is connected with each other even they follow each other!?!? If you don´t believe me, google it! I´m really sad about that! Sorry that the screenshot is in German.
but after reading this its not very clear if you have to pay for your existing fans or not….
Anyway Facebook is becoming more and more commercial, could be good or bad…on the long term. We will see
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Vienna Center


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HDR Photography Austria







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Beautiful Spring Bucharest

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2011 is Here

Motivate Yourself

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Taramul nemuritorilor: Hunza – Valea Vietii

In anul 1870, un general britanic impreuna cu garnizoana sa urca pentru prima data pe valea raului Hunza, o zona uitata de timp, ascunsa in ungherele muntoase din nord-estul Indiei de atunci. Intreaga omenire se afla in fata unui miracol care sfida regulile stiintei oficiale. Oamenii care traiau de milenii in acest loc uitat de boala, suferinta, tristete si stres, atingeau varste incredibile, se bucurau de o stare a sanatatii nemai-intalnita nicaieri in lume si puteau procrea la varste la care cei mai multi occidentali zaceau deja in sicrie. Astazi, misterul Vaii Hunza si al locuitorilor este la fel de mare, in ciuda sutelor de investigatii si cercetari stiintifice. Beatitudinea uluitoare a acestui loc, suprapusa longevitatatii deja proverbiale a locuitorilor sai, pare sa ascunda, in continuare, secretul Frumusetii fara Batranete si al Vietii fara de Moarte…

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Curăţenie în toată ţara. Într-o singură zi!

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What can be done in 20 years

Shanghai, China

1990 vs. 2010

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